Consignment Items

Phone 254.582.8330 to discuss your consignment items with David.

More and more of the items we have on display at the antique mall are consignment merchandise. It's a good deal for both parties.  A consignment client gets top dollar for their items and we have a good supply of new items coming into the antique mall every month.


A consignment piece is placed in the antique mall at no charge and there is no charge for the time the item is on display.  When the item sells, we keep thirty-five percent of the selling price and write a check to the consignor for the remainder.


The consignment item is priced for sale after we research the value and discuss the price with the consignor.  If the item has not sold after some time goes by, we have another discussion and the price is lowered.


Phone 254.337.0235 and ask to speak to David about consigning an item.

Photos show a sampling of items we now have on consignment: