Those Three Sisters Estate Sale Services, LLC

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Pamela Bowman and Shauna Patton

David and I have owned the antique mall for over thirty years and my sister, Shauna, and I have conducted estate sales as an off-shoot of the antique mall for over twenty years.  Someone asked us to help them do a sale in their home because they weren't comfortable using 'strangers'.  Then, someone who attended that sale begged we do one for them and we are now twenty plus years down the road in helping our neighbors when they have a need.  During that time, our mother died and we conducted an estate sale for our father.  We understand that an estate sale is more than business.


Because we started out as estate sale customers, everything done at our sales is the way we wished it done when we were the shoppers.  

  1. We organize every part of the house and have a price on every single item.
  2. Items are not sold before our opening morning...first one in has a crack at everything.
  3. Our opening times are really our opening times.  Relax and enjoy that cup of coffee.
  4. We have a holding area where you can leave a chosen item and then, continue to shop.  There is no need to bring a child along to 'watch your pile'.
  5. Boxes are provided for your shopping and ease of carrying your items to the car.
  6. Our checkout area is a real checkout area...with cash registers and everything.  The number of cashiers on hand depends on the size of the sale, but we have had sales so large that we've had three regular cashiers and another for express checkout.
  7. We treat our estate sale clients and customers as family.


Shauna and I will be glad to meet with you for a free consultation and discuss what is best for your circumstances.  Phone 254.337.0233 and ask for Pamela.